2020 offerings

Wow! What a year 2019 has been. For me it has certainly been a busy one. Once we speed up often it can take some time to slow the momentum and slow down. I am certainly looking forward to an opportunity to do this over the summer break. Then hopefully moving gracefully with an open heart into 2020. I am moving  around our of the clinic a little more and in to the community to start providing a broader range of pelvic health services and am excited about the year to come. See my musings below to follow where I’ll be in 2020.

During 2019 I studied my yoga teacher training with Core Life Yoga in Cairns. What an amazing blessing this was. I recommend this process for anyone wanting to deepen their own yoga practice even if they never want to teach a class in their life. It certainly gave me lots of understanding about what yoga is both on and off the mat. It also taught me a greater sense of pelvic connection and how to assist my clients to find this also in healing their own pelvic health.

core life yoga logo

As a result I will be teaching two yoga classes starting at the beginning of February at Studio-A Health and Fitness in Whitfield and at Core Life yoga in Trinity Park. These will be pelvic connected yoga classes particularly aimed at women wanting to reconnect to this part of themselves and begin strengthening and/or softening.

If you are considering where to do your yoga teacher training then check out the teacher training offering for 2020 at Corelifeyoga.com. 

I learnt so many skills around mindfulness and breath technique with the incredible Han Wee Tan of Home of Equanimity (www.homeofequanimity.com/)han.jpg

I use skills around breath, mindfulness, relaxation, and softening daily in my physiotherapy practice. They are particularly useful when working with patients with pelvic pain. Han has taught me it’s often not the what we are doing but the how. He helps me to approach both my physio practice, my yoga practice and my life with a certain softness. I hope to keep learning with him in 2020.

I travelled to Adelaide as part of a a university subject on Prolapse at UniSA as part of a Professional Certificate in the Conservative Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse which I will complete part 2 of in 2020. This was an amazing journey back into reading academic journals and writing assignments again. I learnt advanced practical skills around prolapse management and can spout the evidence about how physiotherapy can assist this common women’s health issue and apply this daily in my clinical practice. Thanks to one of the drivers of pelvic health physiotherapy Trish Neumann who coordinates this course. Here we are featured together on the last day of the practical course. img_2803.jpg

In 2020 I will move in to my 3rd year working at Control Physiotherapy in Cairns where I am lucky enough to work with the team at Northern Urology.  Through this model of care we are getting great outcomes for our patients! You can make appointments with me here Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday in 2020. In the clinic I see both women and men regarding a range of issues. I work with a lot of men having robotic prostatectomies for prostate cancer in helping them to regain their continence pre and post op. I am lucky enough to work as part of a team including a urology nurse, prostate cancer nurse, urologist and radiation oncologists. I am so grateful for this model of multidisciplinary care.

control physio logo

True Reproductive Health and Relationships who are an amazing state wide sexual health clinic have asked me to come along and start working with them. I am lucky enough to be providing pelvic floor physiotherapy services alongside the passionate staff at this great clinic.

true logo

On Wednesday mornings at 9:30am you can catch me at your local Mums and Bubs fitness Centre Nurtured Fitness teaching a core based movement class. I love working with postpartum women. As a mum you’re already an athlete- for our physical and mental health movement is so important. In this class we will connect with our core and pelvic floor.

nurtured fitness logo


Hopefully lots more offerings and musings to come in 2020. Pelvic floor workshops, community talks, staff inservices. If you’d like to connect with me then feel free to contact me or if you’ve got some pelvic health issues and you’d like to see me for an appointment then feel free to contact the clinic!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Amy Lamb is physiotherapist living and working in Mpartnwe (Alice Springs) and working in women's and men's pelvic health.

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