Pelvic Health in Alice Springs

Commencing 5th June 2021 I will be seeing clients for pelvic health consults in Alice Springs. I’ve had a small break from pelvic health and am really excited to get back to trying to solve some of the big issues below the belt! I will be operating out of a physio room at Central OutbackContinue reading “Pelvic Health in Alice Springs”

Prolapse and why physio can help

Pelvic organ prolapse is the slipping (from the normal anatomical position) of the pelvic organs (bladder, bowel, rectum or uterus). Women may or may not experience symptoms. Either way having a good pelvic floor physiotherapist by your side if you’ve been diagnosed with prolapse is a great idea. Women’s health physios know lots about theContinue reading “Prolapse and why physio can help”

Menopause and physiotherapy

Women have often heard about the more common symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats. However, there are a whole range of symptoms associated with the decrease in oestrogen levels that involve the nether regions that often aren’t spoken about. Oestrogen is important for keeping the vulva, vagina and lowerContinue reading “Menopause and physiotherapy”

Physiotherapy and endometriosis

Women don’t always open up about the full extent of the effect of their endometriosis during our first session. Once I get to know a woman and she feels more comfortable often a bit more will start to come out and the full impact of her pain, her search for answers and her ultimate diagnosisContinue reading “Physiotherapy and endometriosis”

Men’s health physiotherapy

When I started to go down the road of becoming a pelvic floor physiotherapist I really only thought about my role working with women. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to begin working alongside a group of urologists in treating men who are being treated for prostate cancer often by robotic prostatectomy. Thus commencedContinue reading “Men’s health physiotherapy”

But, what’s a 6 week ‘check’ even for?

I tell all the women I see in clinic, on the maternity ward or in antenatal class that it would be ideal if they came and saw me 6 weeks after the baby comes out, regardless of how they came out for a ‘6 week check’. “But I feel fine” they cry, “I’ve done thisContinue reading “But, what’s a 6 week ‘check’ even for?”

So you’re interested in pelvic health?

As a young physiotherapist I knew right from the beginning I wanted to become a women’s health physio. I have always been intensely passionate about women’s access to healthcare and felt that this little known corner of physiotherapy would suit me well.  Sometimes I found it difficult to work out what was next in termsContinue reading “So you’re interested in pelvic health?”

When you’ve got to get to the toilet RIGHT NOW

Bladder urgency and frequency is a common problem. Sometimes it’s paired with urinary incontinence but often it’s just that feeling of ‘I’ve got to go right now!’. Women will often report that they are going to the toilet ten or more times per day and often they see that as being just a normal thingContinue reading “When you’ve got to get to the toilet RIGHT NOW”